Apple Watch Vs Garmin 2022: Top Full Comparison

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a smartwatch, but two of the most popular brands are Apple Watch vs Garmin. So, how do these two watches compare? Here is a comprehensive look at the features and specs of each watch to help you decide which is the best for you.

Apple Watch vs Garmin: Which Smartwatch Should You Buy?

Apple Watch vs Garmin Which Smartwatch Should You Buy

Models and prices

Garmin’s watch lineup and Apple’s watch lineup are poles apart in terms of features and price points. Apple Watch 7 ($399), SE ($279), and 3 ($199) are all you can purchase fresh from the company. They all come in two sizes, with GPS, Apple Pay, fitness monitoring, and the ability to answer calls or messages from your wrist, but they differ somewhat in style and functions.

The finest Apple Watch offers may also save you money if you know how to trade in your old watch or find a way to trade it.

You’ll have more options when it comes to purchasing a Garmin watch. The Garmin Venu series is the standard smartwatch, especially the Garmin Venu 2 Plus ($449). Onboard music storage and specific training tools are standard features of the Forerunner series, including the Garmin Forerunner 245 ($299). The latest addition to the Fenix line, the Garmin Fenix 7 ($699), is hailed as the best multi-sport watch, thanks to its long battery life and rugged construction.

The ruggedness of the Garmin Instinct ($299) may appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. At the same time, golfers may choose the Garmin Approach ($299), which has hundreds of course maps and is compatible with swing-tracking peripherals. The Garmin Approach S20 ($199) and the Garmin Approach S62 ($499) are two examples of this line.


Squircle-shaped, with a color touchscreen display, digital crown, and side button, the Apple Watch is instantly recognizable. It resembles a little computer that sits flat on your wrist. The bezel and screen thickness is the only distinguishing features between the top-tier Apple Watch models.

Both the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch 7 have screen sizes substantially bigger than those of their predecessors, the Apple Watch 3. If you care about having a constantly on display, the Apple Watch 7 is the only current alternative.

All Apple Watch models are available in various metal and color finishes and may be worn with any of the top Apple Watch bands. Bands may be purchased directly from Apple or through third-party vendors like Amazon.

There is a wide selection of colors available for Garmin watches, although not all of them offer replaceable straps. In addition, you’ll see that all Garmin watches are circular, save for the Garmin Venu Sq…

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the Venu seems more like a touchscreen wristwatch. There are more visible decorations on Garmin’s Forerunner 945 and Fenix 7 ($599) and vivid screens.

Like a G-Shock, certain Garmin versions like the Instinct seem more like a watch, while the adorable Garmin Lily might be mistaken for a piece of jewelry. Some wristwatches lack color screens and have button controls. Once again, you have a wide variety of smartwatches to choose from.

Health and fitness tracking

Health and fitness tracking

They both have a wide range of fitness and health-related characteristics. These wearables may track various activities and sleep patterns; they also measure your heart rate, steps, and calories burnt.

Generally speaking, Garmin’s sleep cycle analysis and nightly SpO2 readings are more detailed, while Apple Watch focuses more on helping you set a nighttime routine and daily sleep goal. The Apple Watch’s sleep monitoring has been updated to include a nighttime respiration rate reading.

Those are just the starting points; you’ll want to check out the device’s specifications after that. Apple Watches all have GPS, but not all Garmins have. We know it’s strange coming from a GPS business, but the less expensive watches don’t have the capability of monitoring their position.

In addition to GPS, Garmin watches for running, and other outdoor activities are equipped with run-specific training capabilities that may help you learn how to train for a marathon or improve your overall running speed and efficiency.

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurements are not available on all Apple, and Garmin watches. Garmin watches can’t identify indicators of atrial fibrillation since they lack ECG measurements.

On the other hand, Garmin has a few advantages over Apple’s health monitoring system. For example, if you have a Garmin watch, you may monitor stress and your body’s battery level to get a feel of whether or not you’re ready to exercise. A one-stop Health Snapchat app on newer Garmin watches that records a two-minute window of critical health parameters and displays them all in one place.

In contrast to Fitbit and Apple Watch, Garmin doesn’t provide a service like Apple Fitness Plus. As a result, Apple’s $9.99/month on-demand fitness platform encourages consumers to shut their Apple Watch rings. A $9.99/month golf subscription is the only paid service related to sports, and it isn’t meant for Garmin’s wearables. At the same time, it is compatible with certain third-party exercise app subscriptions.

Smartwatch features

Apple Watch vs. Garmin smartwatch features is important to know if your wearable wants to do more than monitor your health.

Notifications, alarms, and other features are included in every Apple Watch model. Siri is also available. The Garmin Connect app market is smaller than Apple’s, but it still offers basic functions like notification mirroring. All Apple Watches support Apple Pay. However, only a few Garmin models are supported by Garmin Pay NFC transactions.

Garmin watches do not come with a built-in voice assistant like the top Fitbit watches, but the Venu 2 Plus uses the voice assistant on your smartphone to allow you to start certain tasks from your watch instead. It is also not compatible with Android phones. Using Garmin on iOS or Android devices is a breeze.

Both companies provide LTE-capable smartwatches. However, the functions offered by each brand vary. When your phone is out of reach, you can’t send messages using your Garmin watch with LTE since it won’t connect to your cellular carrier. If you need to call your emergency contacts or the emergency services, a $5.99/month LTE package is available. If you become lost while hiking or need help, your LTE-connected Garmin watch can help locate you.

Apple’s LTE (or Cellular) choices free your smartwatch from your phone, but you’ll have to pay a monthly carrier charge on top of the up-front cost to keep it linked at all times with your phone’s network. It costs $499 for the Apple Watch 7 and $329 for the Apple Watch SE to get cellular service on the Apple Watch with Cellular.

Battery life

When comparing the battery life of an Apple Watch to a Garmin watch, it’s almost unfair. A single charge of the Apple Watch lasts for around a day. Garmin watches last substantially longer, ranging from a week to several weeks, depending on the display settings, fitness tracking, and other features. GPS-enabled models for jogging and other outdoor activities may last anywhere from seven to more than a week.

And it doesn’t even take into account battery-saving options, and Garmin watches that can be charged by the sun. For example, several of Garmin’s greatest sports watches are available in Solar variants, increasing battery life while the wearer is out in the sun. Solar versions may be more expensive, but they may be worth it if you like spending time outside.

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Is Apple Watch or Garmin more accurate?

In terms of GPS accuracy, the winner is…

Even though the Apple Watch 7 series is far more accurate than previous models, many people still find it lacking in accuracy in long-distance running. Imagine running a 10-mile race only to discover that you raced 9.5 miles or even 11 miles!

Do Garmin watches work with iPhones?

It is possible to use a Garmin smartwatch on an Apple iPhone if you have iOS 7 or above. The Garmin Link app from the App Store may be used to connect a Garmin watch to an iPhone if you are so inclined. When you complete this step, your Garmin watch will be linked to your iPhone.

Can you text on your Garmin watch?

The Garmin Connect software allows you to personalize these text reply messages. A text message will be sent to your phone when you use this function. Regular text message restrictions and costs from your phone plan and carrier may be applicable.

Can Garmin watches answer calls?

Yes, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 may be used to answer phone calls. The watch contains a built-in speaker and microphone to answer calls and talk effectively. If you want to speed up responding and conversing on the phone, be sure you turn on Bluetooth.


There are many benefits to Apple Watch vs. Garmin. They both have their pros and cons, but ultimately it depends on what you look for in a smartwatch. If you want something with more features and customization, then the Apple Watch is the better choice. However, if you are looking for a more focused smartwatch on fitness tracking, then Garmin is the better option.

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