Does Apple Watch Track Sleep? Top Full Answer Here [2022]

There are many benefits to wearing an Apple Watch, including the ability to track your sleep. Does apple watch track sleep? Sleep tracking can help you better understand your sleep patterns and overall sleep health. It can also identify potential sleep disorders and investigate their causes.

Additionally, sleep tracking can help you optimize your sleep schedule and sleep environment. Ultimately, sleep tracking can lead to improved sleep quality and quantity.

Track Your Sleep on Apple Watch and use Sleep on iPhone

To help you achieve your sleep goals and improve overall health, create personalized sleep schedules.

Get to Sleep

Sleeping well is essential for your overall health. The Health app for iPhone allows you to set a goal and track your progress towards achieving it.

1. Open the Health app for your iPhone.

1. Open the Health app for your iPhone.

2. Tap Next, then click Get Started under Set Up Sleep.

2. Tap Next, then click Get Started under Set Up Sleep.

3. Follow the prompts on the screen to establish:

  • Set your sleep goals: Determine the amount of time you want to sleep. You can set your bedtime and wake-up times.
  • Sleep Screen: iPhone can simplify your Lock Screen to turn on Sleep Focus when you schedule. This will reduce distractions and help reduce distractions. You can also grant certain apps and people permission to contact you. Tap Focus > Sleep in the Settings app. Tap People or Apps in the Allowed Notifications section to select who or what you can be notified of while Sleep Focus is active.
  • Wind down Shortcuts: These shortcuts will allow you to take some time to unwind before bed.
  • Track your Sleep with Apple Watch: You can wear your watch to bed to keep track of your sleep. If you have paired your Apple Watch and iPhone before setup, this option will be available. You can still use Track Sleep with Apple Watch if you have paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone after setting up.

Apple Watch Built-in Sleep App

To access the Sleep app, your Apple Watch must run watchOS 7. To get the most recent software, you must own an iPhone 6s or older, running iOS 14 or greater. Open the Watch app and select General > Software Update. The software will be updated, or you’ll be prompted to install the most recent update.

Tap Sleep and swipe down on the My Watch screen within the Watch app. To wind down before bedtime, activate the switch near Turn On Automatically. By turning on Show Time, the display of the date/time during sleep hours is turned off.

Use the switch beside Track Sleep with Apple Watch to monitor your sleep. You will be able to see when your watch has fully charged before bedtime by using the Charging Reminders feature. All of these options should be turned on.

Edit Your Sleep Schedule

Edit Your Sleep Schedule

To open the Health app, tap “Open Sleep Options in Health,” where you can toggle the Sleep Schedule switch. You can edit your sleep schedule by clicking the Edit link below Full Schedule. You can also create different schedules for different days. For example, one schedule for weekdays could be set and another for weekends.

Tap the entry for Sleep Goal under Additional Details to set the hours and minutes you want to sleep. To select how long you want to wind down before going to bed, tap the entry for Wind Down. To set up shortcuts during Wind Down, tap the entry for Wind Down Shortcuts. To confirm the Sleep app options and add more, tap the Entry for Options.

Set Up Sleep on Apple Watch

Open the Sleep app from your watch. The icon shows a white circle with a blue bed. If you want to modify the wake-up time, tap the schedule. If you require an alarm to wake you up, you can turn it on. If you wish to change the time for bedtime, tap it.

If you want to disable your Sleep Schedule on any night or all night, return to the main screen. You can add a schedule change to your Sleep Goal or Wind downtime. You can then wear your watch to sleep.

View Sleep Data

You can then check your Sleep app on your iPhone to see how well you slept the previous night. Navigate to the Browse screen in the Health app and choose the entry for Sleep. Bar graphs display your sleep start and ending times. You can view your sleep history weekly and monthly as you log multiple nights.

To see how long you were asleep, tap the bar for a particular day. To see more sleep data, tap Show More Sleep Data. This will show you how many nights were measured, your sleep goal, how long you spent in bed, and how much time you spent asleep. To see your sleep heart rate, go back to the previous screen.

Download a Sleep Tracker to Apple Watch

WatchOS 6 and higher users will access an Apple Watch App Store. This means that you don’t have to download any apps onto your iPhone or watch. All these apps offer an iPhone version that allows you to view and review all of your sleep sessions. However, you might still prefer the regular iPhone App Store.

Open the Watch app on your smartphone to do this. Select the search icon and tap Discover > Explore Watch Apps. Enter a keyword, such as “sleep trackers” or the name of an app. To download and install the app, tap the Get or price buttons.

You can add a sleep tracker app to your iPhone if you already have it. Scroll down to the My Watch screen. Tap the Install button in the Available Apps section. After the app is downloaded to your Apple Watch, it will appear in the section Installed on Apple Watch.

Set Up AutoSleep

AutoSleep track Sleep on Watch costs $3.99 and automatically records and tracks your nightly sleep. First, set up AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch to determine your sleeping patterns. Once you’re done, the app will start tracking your sleep. To tell the app, you are going to bed. You can manually touch the Lights Off button.

Data Tracking With AutoSleep

Open the app again the next morning to see how long it took you to get up and how much sleep you got. The app tracks the average sleep time you get each night as it records your sleep.

Swipe down on an app’s screen to view more information about your sleep. The app will allow you to see your total, deep, and average sleep quality, how long you stayed awake, and your heart rate throughout the night. The app also allows you to view a history of your sleeping patterns for as long as the app has been in use.

Open AutoSleep on iPhone to see more information. Swipe down the various screens. AutoSleep, despite being free, is well worth the cost for its richness of information.

Set Up Pillow

Set Up Pillow

The Pillow app can capture sound throughout the night to detect if you are snoring or talking during sleep. You can download the basic app for free. To unlock all features and functions, you will need to subscribe for $4.49 per month, $9.49 every three months, or $27.49 per year.

Pillow can also monitor power naps or other brief bursts. You can manually trigger Pillow when you are ready to sleep by pressing the Start button. The app will ask you which items you would like to track when you first do this. This could be sounds, alarms, or naps. Pillow will then begin counting down the minutes and hours.

Open the app the next morning and tap the Stop button. This will turn off the countdown. If you wish to start the countdown again, tap Snooze.

Data Tracking With Pillow

Pillow will display the total number of hours you have slept at the end of each sleep session. Scroll down to view the quality of your sleep for the last night and the previous night. Swipe down to see how long each cycle took and how long it took you to get in bed.

Pillow can be launched on your iPhone as well. You can either run it directly from there or just check out the data it collects and how it interacts with your Apple Watch.

You can choose to sync your data with the Health App automatically by going into the settings for Pillow. Or you can manually sync the data using the Sync button within the Apple Watch app. Once the data is synchronized, open the Health App and go to the section on Sleep. The app will display all data from any sleep application you have permitted.

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The Apple Watch was missing sleep tracking, which is a feature that Fitbit and other competitors have. The Apple Watch will utilize motion sensors, heartbeat sensors, and microphones to track how deep users sleep throughout the night.

Do Apple Watch track sleep REM and light sleep?

Watch Your Sleep

The data collected can include heart rate, REM patterns, sleep disturbances, etc. An Apple Watch Series 6 can also track blood oxygen levels during sleep. The iPhone can perform many of its functions even if you don’t have your Apple Watch strapped on.

Does Apple Watch track sleep without a schedule?

Apple Watch sleep tracking is easy to use. It tracks your sleep without you even having to do anything.

Are watch sleep trackers accurate?

Research has shown that sleep trackers can only identify sleep and wakefulness 78% more accurately than polysomnography tests, which experts use to diagnose sleep disorders. Considering how long it took for participants to fall asleep, this accuracy drops to 38%.


Apple Watch has been gaining popularity as a health and fitness tracker. One of the features that people are most interested in is its ability to track sleep. Although the Apple Watch does have this capability, there are some limitations to keep in mind.

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