Education Is Another Area Of Social Life – Why Is It So Important?

Meta: Education can benefit one person as well as the whole society. That’s why people say education is another area of social life. Let’s dive into this aspect!


If you think attending classes, doing homework, making some projects, etc., are a waste of time, you may think twice. Education is another area of social life, meaning that it plays an important role in one’s life and others’. When people receive knowledge, they can benefit themselves and bring values to family and community. Knowledge is a key to the stable growth of a society. 

No one can deny the advantages of education. By getting knowledge from others, a person can develop his major, improve communication skills, learn how to identify right or wrong, make decisions wisely and contribute to society. The main purpose of teaching is to provide people with a better life while giving back values to the community. Therefore, everybody will move forward together.

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Why Is Education Important In One’s Life? 

Self-Confidence Improvement

According to John Dewey: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” An educated person tends to be more confident and successful than others as he can competently understand and interpret cultural and social knowledge. If you have a high level of understanding, it’s easier for you to communicate with others. The more you know, the more topics and people you can talk to. Education builds your confidence, relations, and decision-making ability.

Self-confidence brings you out of your comfort zone to go for what you aim at, no matter how hard it is. For some people, it might be strange if you quit your office job and start your own business. However, with confidence and consistent learning, you know your ability and what to do to achieve your goal. The decision you make can change your life and others as well.

As your confidence comes from your insights, you can express your idea and protect your opinion. When discussing a typical topic, knowing better than others means that you have more chances to persuade others that you’re right. Education will give that privilege to succeed. 

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Critical-Thinking Development

Teaching helps develop critical thinking by giving students an understanding of various phenomena in life. Gradually, you have your own opinion about things in life; thus, it promotes your logical thinking. Educated people also tend to make better decisions based on their accumulated knowledge. 

When you are mature, you will face more problems than in school. Education teaches you how to deal with them effectively. Critical thinking does not stop at providing you with the interpretation skill of the information but offers you how to find the possible solutions.

By verifying the information and thinking logically, students’ problem-solving skills are improved. When you have certain knowledge and experiences in resolving challenges, it’s easier for you to tackle the situation in life. Compared to an illiterate person, you are closer to success. Sometimes, critical thinking and problem-solving skills can lead to a brilliant solution or even a revolution.

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More Successful Career

It’s quite clear that more knowledge allows you to access more job opportunities. The competition for a good vacancy is always fierce. If your qualification is low, it’s difficult for you to compete with others. Plus, the payment for low-level jobs is usually meager, posing many financial issues. People with good studying backgrounds have more chances to reach their dream job with lucrative paycheck and social status.

Moreover, the demand for experts is ever-increasing in the market. If you are educated for a high level of expertise, you possess the specific knowledge that not so many people have. Therefore, you are more likely to earn more money, gain a reputation, and contribute to society. 

The earlier you invest in studying, the richer experience of learning you will have. You can prepare yourself well to seek, obtain, and apply knowledge in your future career. It doesn’t mean that it’s 100% easy to find a job and you don’t need to broaden your knowledge after getting one. Studying should be continual, and it’s a lifetime process. By attending seminars and courses and practicing other personal self-help methods, you can grow your career more and more. 

Knowledge blurs the line between family backgrounds and the financial situations of each individual. All are given an approach to better job and success by obtaining valuable knowledge resources.

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Financial Security And Richer Life

There is a saying that you can divide everything but not your education. Its vital role is to provide you with a stable life and financial security. Your future is more secure if you have higher degrees and qualifications that bring you a juicy income.

The impact of education in our lives doesn’t only include economic status but also daily enjoyment. A richer life encompasses a successful career and the way you spend your life in a positive way. Besides money, certified people have different skills that are a combination of their desire, knowledge, and effort. These skills, such as dancing, painting, and playing musical instruments, can make their life more colorful and worth living.

Even small activities in daily life can be more interesting when you have knowledge. For example, if you know the historical background and the director’s movie style, you can watch the film with more excitement and understanding of the characters and situations. Therefore, it leads to more talk with family and friends as you have many things to share with them.

Education is another area of social life. Understanding life situations is also another benefit of it. An educated person will have a better awareness of their health and risks and try to live healthily, giving them a superior and longer quality of life.

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How Does Education Affect Social Life?

Health Benefits

As mentioned above, higher education can bring a prime quality of life. Well-to-do people spend more on healthy food, health care service, and transportation. In contrast, lower-class families usually face insecurity during hard times. Therefore, society can be more sustainable if more people have knowledge. 

As for mental health, education also is an important factor. Educated people are usually less stressed since they are financially independent. Even if they have stress, they know how to overcome it without harming themselves. A mentally healthy society is necessary for the development of a nation. 

Some statistics show that if an educated mom gives birth, the possibility that the child will survive after five years old is 50% higher. Those moms are also likely to immunize the kids and seek prenatal and postnatal care services. 

Another proof that education is another area of social life is it helps reduce HIV/AIDS. It can be considered a “social vaccine” for the youth. If all children in the world go to primary school, we can avoid seven million HIV cases in the next ten years. Secondary schooling reduces the risk of the disease by 75 percent. 

In addition, teaching can minimize the malnutrition problem in developing countries. The knowledge of new and effective farming techniques provided to people can increase productivity and help them fight against hunger. Research shows that if male and female farmers receive the same education, crop productivity growth will be up to 20 percent. 

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Poverty Reduction

Millions of children can’t receive primary education, and about two-thirds of them are living in poverty. Many families under the poverty line sacrifice their children’s right to go to school to earn a meal. Going to school is not free in many areas, and the living standard is miserable, making classes a pipe dream for kids.

Boys leave school to work and bring income for the family, whereas girls stay at home to cook or do farming. Their life circles will keep going like this from generation to generation unless they get educated. They can find a job, have income, and pull themselves out of poverty with qualifications. Furthermore, their world and vision will change, bringing them more glorious chances in life. 

Therefore, education is the key factor in decreasing poverty, helping people become independent of outside aids, creating a better social life, and pulling the whole society together.

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Gender Gap Elimination

It was not permissible for girls to go and study, which led to a big gender gap in society. Some special job fields only require female workers; thus, educating them is necessary. Women who obtain an education are bridging the gender gap by showing their ability.

Education often helps prevent girls from early marriage and avoid harmful situations. Educated women are usually more active and independent in making decisions. They are less likely under pressure to have children from husbands or society. Therefore, getting knowledge becomes one of the weapons to erase the gap.

In addition, not only the gender difference but also the gap between races, religions, etc., are closer. Equal chances are given to people based on their knowledge. The more educated, the more opportunities for people to earn money and eliminate the gaps between classes. 

Moreover, knowledgeable persons are more open-minded and easy to understand and accept others’ points of view. There is no discrimination on others’ backgrounds or where they are from, which actually brings people togehter.

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Economy Growth

Education is directly linked to the growth of the economy. Getting knowledge and applying it can transform and improve one’s life and change one country’s economic situation. As mentioned above, education can decrease poverty, thus developing the economy. It’s a fact that developed countries have more qualified or certified workers and higher living standards. The investment for training talents is also more significant than in developing countries.

Statistics show that a person’s average earnings can grow by 10 percent if he spends one more year studying. Therefore, by earning and increasing income, a person can contribute to the GDP of the whole country. As a result, the nation’s economy will also grow. According to history, stable economic growth requires the literacy rate to be at least 40 percent.

More Modern Society

The widespread use of modern technology is also a benefit of education. There is no problem for educated people to use the internet or smart devices for different purposes, whereas it can be a challenge for uneducated ones. 

Digital education helps connect people around the world. We can easily share and discuss ideas and opinions regardless of location, country, and culture. It’s a flat world without borders, where all citizens can broaden their horizons and mutually understand and respect each other.

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The modern society values that education brings to us not only about technology but also about morality and civilization. 

A successful person needs to know about the history, background, and other aspects to benefit society. The knowledge that they receive is not only from the subjects at school but also the high morality and true values. An insightful person can understand right and wrong and guide others to the right path. Therefore, there is less crime, and the community is safe and secure. 

These people understand the need for a secure and stable community where everybody’s life can be enhanced. They are willing to join hands to assist other miserable people, solve social issues, improve the living environment, etc. The things that they give back to the community help create a modern moral society.


Education is another area of social life. Educating a person is very important to his and others’ lives. It broadens the person’s vision, boosts his thinking, grows his confidence, teaches him to fight against bad things such as violence or injustice, and brings him to success.

A qualified person can create a lot of value for society. A country with a high literacy rate is a healthy, equal modern developed nation. That’s why many governments invest in finding and growing talents by providing free schools and scholarships. Indeed, education is the main weapon for our future.

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