How to best clean your phone

i’m the owner of phone fix craft so today i’m going to show you how i clean and repair a damaged iphone my job is actually phone repairs including micro soldering and data recovery stuff like that and the cleaning is just it’s not that it’s a huge part of our business it’s just fixed phones that we see that they need they need some cleaning so the first step you have to remove those two bottom screws which every iphone has we opened up the screen.

The phone had a broken screen and the owner of this phone used used it for a good while with that broken screen so that all the internals of the phone were exposed to whatever was in customers pockets so it’s actually a fire hazard so so we try to remove every loose bit from from the inside of the phones but once it’s loose i would use compressed air like like a gun the dirtiest parts would be the charging port on on all kinds of phones not only iphones but actually it doesn’t look dirty if you just look at it with naked eye and the microscope i have here is it’s my most loved tool it’s gonna come come with me when i die i will just clean every phone every speaker every earpiece and every charging port under this.

This microscope this tool we use for charging port cleaning is something similar to a metal toothpick it’s just a little bit thinner and then sharper so now i’m going to clean years worth of pocket lint and just from the charging port that experiencing charging issues the charging ports would be usually filled with the like pocket length uh from your from your jeans and then whatever is in your pocket really if you had a cookie there then you would have some crumbs or something like that you can see you know what what color uh uh treads trousers or pants i’m not sure in in united states.

Trousers or puns so what you see here it’s actually the contents of uh of the charging port of what we usually would find there so it’s a it’s just a pocket lens really pocket lint and and dust i would use the same tool that i use for cleaning charging ports to clean the really heavy clogged speakers as well we do get phones that are really dirty and messed up but it’s for us it’s just normal you know medics are not not surprised by injuries or something like that it’s their job so so for us it’s uh yeah so on this phone the battery has already started to swell and and customer agreed to get it replaced we removed the battery uh we attached the new pull tabs to to a new battery.

We just need to apply a new display adhesive before putting everything back together so once the screen is pressed back into the frame uh we just need to put the last two screws in and it’s it’s ready to be cleaned before giving it back to the customer you just have to solve solve a puzzle you know to get the thing working and this is especially rewarding if some few other shops deemed it unfixable and then it comes to you and and you accept the challenge and you actually get that fixed it’s uh it’s nice it’s uh that’s what i really love.

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