How To Connect AirPods To Apple TV? Top Full Guide 2022

Assuming you would like an introduction to the headline “How to connect AirPods to Apple TV, ” here are a few benefits of doing so: You’ll be able to wirelessly stream audio from your Apple TV directly to your AirPods, which is great for watching TV shows and movies without disturbing others.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use your AirPods to control volume and playback, making them a handy way to control your TV audio.

How To Connect AirPods To Apple TV

Step 1: Pop your AirPods in their case

Step 1 Pop your AirPods in their case

If you haven’t previously done so, place your AirPods in their case and make sure they aren’t already connected to another device, as you would with any other AirPods connection.

Step 2: Open Settings on your Apple TV

Step 2 Open Settings on your Apple TV

Find the familiar silver gears symbol in the app selector on your Apple TV’s home screen and click it with your Apple Remote (or your iPhone if you’re like me and regularly forget the Remote).

Step 3: Scroll down to Remotes and Devices in the Settings list

Step 3 Scroll down to Remotes and Devices in the Settings list

Go through and locate the Bluetooth option under the Remote options in the section titled Other Devices—it should be slightly below.

In the My Devices area, you’ll notice any AirPods in your vicinity that are already connected to the Apple TV (they’ll presumably indicate “Not Connected”) and a section titled Other Devices below it.

Step 4: Pair your AirPods

Step 4 Pair your AirPods

Put your AirPods in your ears, and then push the button on the back of the case until the light on the front of the case begins to flicker white (the only button!).

Your AirPods should display under Other Devices in a few seconds. The devices should appear in the My Devices section with a ” Connected ” status once you select them using the Remote. If you haven’t already, put them in your ears and listen for the familiar, relaxing chime that indicates everything went according to plan.

There’s an option to disconnect or unpair your AirPods after you’ve finished using them on the Apple TV if you want to do so in that menu after you’ve selected your AirPods. Re-pairing the device will be necessary if you choose the latter option.

How to pair Non-AirPod Bluetooth Headphones to an Apple TV

Any Bluetooth headphones may be plugged into your Apple TV and connected through a USB cable for private listening. In this manner:

  • Wireless headphones must be in pairing mode before connecting to a Bluetooth device (the process will depend on the model).
  • Open the Apple TV’s Settings app.
  • Select Bluetooth from the Remotes and Devices menu.
  • When your wireless headphones show, choose your headphones.

Connecting Apple TV to previously paired AirPods

Connecting Apple TV to previously paired AirPods

Afterward, the Apple TV should remember your AirPods for the next time you want to use them.

Using the procedures above to switch to your previously-paired AirPods, you should be able to discover your AirPods in the My Devices list and connect from there in the future.

As an alternative, you may use this method of connecting your Apple TV to your AirPods, which is extremely similar yet differs slightly:

Step 1: Go to Settings and select ‘Video and Audio’

Afterward, click through the Video and Audio options you’ve found.

Step 2: Select Audio Output

There should be an Audio Output section at the top of the Audio submenu. The default setting is likely to be TV Speakers or whatever audio equipment you typically use to watch television.

Swipe down to the “Temporary audio output” part in this menu and click/tap to Select.

If you have any additional WiFi-enabled speakers in your home in the Speakers section, they should be included here. Headphones will appear above that, and if additional AirPods are in the range of the Apple TV you’re using, you’ll see them here. Don’t touch on that one to avoid interrupting your roommate’s Zoom meeting/meditation session.

Step 3: Remove the AirPods from their case.

A list of available devices should show once you open the case lid; pick your AirPods using the Remote and insert your ears into your ears to hear the good-to-go sounds. You’ll also have access to a helpful volume gauge, allowing you to double-check your settings before blasting your ears out with HBO static noise.

Afterward, return to the app selector home page by pressing the back button on your remote. Then, feast your eyes and ears on stuff only you can hear.

You may try resetting your AirPods if they still won’t connect to your smartphone. If it doesn’t work, it may be time to visit Apple Support or the Genius Bar to see if they can help.

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Why won’t my Apple TV connect to my AirPods?

You’re all set if you’ve already linked your iPhone with AirPods and Apple TV to the same iCloud account. If that doesn’t work manually, it’s possible to link them: Open the case and put your AirPods in. Maintain your finger on the pairing button till you get a white flashing indication.

Can AirPods connect to old Apple TVs?

You may use the AirPods with any Apple TV running tvOS one or later, an Apple TV with an App Store.

Can you connect AirPods to Smart TV?

The Apple AirPods can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, even smart televisions like the Samsung TV. Put your Apple AirPods in pairing mode, wait for your Samsung TV to identify them, and connect. That’s all there is to it.


If you’ve ever tried to watch a movie or TV show on your iPhone without headphones, you know how frustrating it can be. The tiny speakers don’t provide enough sound to enjoy a show. But if you have a pair of AirPods, you can easily connect them to your Apple TV and enjoy the much better sound quality.

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