Which Group Is A Primary Supporter Of Hunter Education? 

Meta: Hunting courses are essential to protecting you and biodiversity. Do you know which group is a primary supporter of hunter education? Keep reading on.

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Intro: Illegal hunting not only pushes many rare animal species to the brink of extinction but can also hurt people who directly hold guns. That’s why organizations create courses to raise community awareness. So, which group is a primary supporter of hunter education? Scroll down and get the answer.

Which Group Is A Primary Supporter Of Hunter Education? 

Many people immediately think of the government as an obvious entity when it comes to organizations that support hunting courses. However, the government only regulates hunting, and education is not directly involved in the training process.

For it to be put into practice, hunting courses need the contribution of many other prestigious organizations such as the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA), The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), The Wildlife Education Center (WEC), The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), etc.

The International Hunter Education Association (IHEA)

Every organization that participates in hunter education program in the US has a specific role to play, with the IHEA as the main stakeholder.

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Although IHEA is a non-profit organization, its organizational structure, member list, and operation form are all very systematic and professional. The members here are all experienced people in the hunting field like trainers and volunteers.

Recognizing the importance of safe hunting, as early as the 1950s, IHEA began working with other US environmental and animal welfare organizations to establish hunting courses. So far, it has attracted more than 55 thousand teachers and more than 600 thousand students.

In these courses, IHEA experts directly teach students safe gun skills, instruct them how to set traps, how to hunt with a bow, how to hunt responsibly, how to identify what kinds of animals can and cannot be hunted wild, and how to give first aid in case of accidents.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

If the IHEA is responsible for teaching, the National Rifle Association is responsible for the financial issues to benefit wildlife.

Under section 501(c)(3), the NRA is a tax-exempt organization that raises donations for charitable and educational purposes. Supported programs include safe hunting courses, shooting training, small wildlife protection, and wildlife habitat reclamation.

National Rifle Association staff and members are actively involved in lobbying, legal actions, and community service events to raise hunting awareness.

They are also very active in teaching firearms and conflict resolution to young people. They have a hotline to promptly detect cases of illegal hunting and people in distress during their hunt.

Besides, it provides you with knowledge about legal hunting and methods to protect rare animals. It is a favorable environment for exchanging information and experience among those passionate about hunting.

Other Groups

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Ending illegal wildlife hunting, and raising public awareness about safety measures for hunters is difficult and requires a lot of help. Therefore, in addition to the two main groups mentioned above, this program is coordinated by many other organizations. For example:

  • The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS): Actively partnering with state wildlife agencies to train and boost hunters’ responsibility and knowledge. The organization also supports animal habitat improvement and land acquisition – two main goals of the program.
  • The Wildlife Education Center (WEC), The National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Like any other agency, their goal is to give hunters confidence in hunting that is legal, safe, and thus ensure wildlife conservation.

Following the list above, you can also find the presence of gun manufacturers, hunting groups, and outdoor activity centers. Although the reasons for joining each group differ, they all do their best to protect human, wildlife, and the environment.

Functions Of Groups 

Promote Education About Wildlife Hunting

Wildlife protection is common responsibility of the whole community. Everyone has an important role to play in stopping illegal hunting, trading, and consumption of wildlife and preventing potential threats from hunting firearms.

Thus, it is necessary to replicate the courses to raise awareness for the community, engage the local in safe and legal gun use, and protect rare wild species from extinction.

Over the years, centers have actively developed a communication plan, implemented an educational program on government regulations on wildlife protection for students across the country, and attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

To get the highest effectiveness, they have also built propaganda programs in various forms, coordinated with the Education Ministry to promote propagandas among students, strengthened international cooperation in funding support and technical training on protecting and caring rare animals.

The program is constantly strengthening and renewing propaganda and education, creating a significant improvement in people’s awareness and actions.

As The Main Source 

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Before these useful courses, hunters’ information sources were quite meager, mainly through word of mouth, so much of the knowledge was not very accurate. This causes many difficulties, even risks, for them.

However, the establishment of these above organizations has proved to be a major turning point. You will understand the differences between legal and illegal hunting, which statement is true about conservation versus preservation through classes and seminars with experts, lawyers, and conservationists.

In this training program, instructors will teach participants about their rights and responsibilities when owning a gun, the maximum number of guns a person can own, and how to use a gun safely.

They will also show you how to identify which species can and cannot be pointed at. This is an extremely important point because harming rare animals is illegal and will be fined according to the law. 

Reduce Illegal Wildlife Trade

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Excessive demand for use is the main cause of increasing poaching, illegal wildlife trade. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), over the past 50 years, vertebrate populations have declined by 68%.

Many wildlife species face extinction due to illegal trade and consumption for various purposes. Worryingly, this situation is developing very complicatedly due to the participation of complcated international criminal networks.

More than ever, nature is calling for everyone’s cooperation and efforts. Through educational projects, the authorities strive to reduce demand for wildlife products and protect endangered species.

In addition to guiding, encouraging, and creating favorable conditions for individuals and non-commercial organizations to raise animals, these organizations also help build people’s trust in animal protection and conservation of their living environment.

Teaching Safe Lessons

Illegally manufacturing, possessing, and using shotguns not only violate the law but also cause incalculable consequences to human life and social order.

There have been numerous pitiful accidents due to shotguns, leaving many heartbreaking consequences. However, some locals are still using these guns.

Shotguns are hand-made or industrially made for hunting, including flintlocks and airguns. Weapons and explosives has caused incalculable consequences and threatens human life, causing disorder and social security. That is why organizations have regulations on conditions for using and sanctioning illegal gun use.

To prevent unfortunate accidents, the authorities also promote propaganda to raise awareness of the law and self-protection consciousness of their people, organizing courses on first aid in case of an accident.

Provide Certificate

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A hunting gun is a type of gun used for hunting animals. The use of illegal shotguns, weapons, and explosives by individuals can cause unpredictable consequences that threaten human life and disrupt social security.

Not all US states require a gun license, but certificates for your participation and completion of these courses are an essential part of your activities. You can only get it when you have already got a clear insight into safe hunting and response skills in case of emergency. 

Accordingly, the courses we are talking about will provide you with a certificate upon completion of the course. Up to now, hundreds of thousands of people have achieved it. This is a good signal for improving safety in this field.

The Importance Of Hunter Education 

According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) global assessment report, about 1 million plants and animal species are threatened to go extinct at a rate many times faster than in evolutionary history.

Compared to the beginning of the 19th century, about 20% of terrestrial plants and animal species have disappeared. The statistics paint a negative picture about the future of biodiversity on the Earth.

More pessimistically, many people believe that humanity is in the sixth extinction wave. However, unlike the previous five extinctions, which are all due to natural causes, this extinction is mainly caused by human intensity.

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), about 60% of human infectious diseases originate from animals. The above number has increased to 75%, with worrying epidemics such as Ebola, HIV, bird flu, Zika, plague…

Even the countries with the highest biodiversity resources in the world are not outside the declining trend. The two main causes of this loss are habitat loss and the hunt, trade, and consumption of wildlife.

Education to raise people’s awareness about animal protection and reasonable and safe hunting is essential to face this problem.

Basic Information About The Course 


Funding for the program comes from the sale of hunting and sports permits and a federal excise tax on firearms and archery equipment. Therefore, all courses are free of charge.

As mentioned above, hunter education is important to protect biodiversity and human life. It would be great if everyone had a clear understanding of this issue.

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Aware of that, support teams and operators always create favorable conditions for this project to reach as many people as possible. All citizens, regardless of gender, nationality, or race can take classes in the Hunter Education program.

If you are under 17 years old, you must have written consent from a parent or guardian. All students are welcome to join this class. However, it is best suited for those 12 years of age and older as the curriculum is built at the cognitive level of 6th grade.

Study Form

Since its founding, 130 courses have been offered across all states each year. The training period is from January to early November. Each course includes different forms of communication to ensure that all students can access and absorb the knowledge.

State law requires that anyone seeking a hunting license complete this course. Key topics include safe storage and use of weapons, hunting ethics, identification and classification of rare animals, first aid skills, etc.

Each state has its way of organizing classes. In Massachusetts, for example, you can approach it in three ways: traditional, hybrid, and independent study. The content of instruction is the same in all forms, and there will be a common competency test for all.


  • Traditional form: Consists of many scheduled lessons. Total study time for a course is 15-18 hours.
  • Independent learning: Includes two main lessons and some accompanying subjects. This form is the ideal choice for those who do not have much time, such as those who are working or students, university students.
  • Combined form: Students can study in online and face-to-face classes according to the schedule. This form is suitable for people who are busy, tech-savvy, and have good self-study ability.


Above is the answer to the question: Which group is a primary supporter of hunter education? This is a very meaningful course, especially in the rapidly increasing problem of illegal hunting.

Hope this article will help you better understand this program. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 

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